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The Editorial Board of the CD welcomes manuscripts on any European subject, primarily in the field of constitutional law. The manuscripts can be submitted in any text format at info@constitutionaldiscourse.com.

All writings posted on CD must be between 1,000 and 2,500 words in English. Posts must be original and must not have already been published. The Editorial Board reserves the right to remove the post in case of suspicion of plagiarism.

In addition to the articles, CD also publishes information about the authors (bio). We do not, as a rule, publish posts anonymously. The name of the authors, and their institutional affiliations will be made public with the posts. The contact information of the author (e.g.: e-mail address) will only be published if the author so indicates. In view of this, we kindly ask our authors to send us their bio at the same time as their manuscript, up to a maximum of 450 characters.

The use of a reference system is not a requirement; however, the use of hyperlinks (inserted into the text) is highly recommended for professional reasons.

The CD provides the ability to search by keyword, so we kindly ask our authors to enter up to 5 keywords for the post in addition to their manuscripts.

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