Constitutional Discourse is an initiative of young researchers brought to life by the politicized atmosphere of the European constitutional dimension. European Integration has always been a playing field of political conflict, where the necessary consensus moved the integration process forward from time to time (e.g. the Luxembourg Compromise itself). A special place where dissenting parties and the positions they form have clashed in the past and still clash to this day, albeit these parties are not enemies merely opponents, having everyone leave negotiations with a little more they came with.


In recent years, however, we have witnessed a radicalization of positions. Increasingly, those who take a stand are losing the ability to accept that the standpoints of those who voice opposing views are valid and represent values similar to theirs, and that we could only build a stable, united Europe if we don’t engage in ‘mutually assured destruction’. When Constitutional Discourse was created, our fundamental idea was that we should continue to consider the nation and national sovereignty as the cornerstone of the European integration process. These are essential attributes on which a united Europe can and must be built, because Europe must exist on a solid foundation, as a house which is built on rock(s).


Along with all of this, we wanted to create a platform for constructive debate, of European, constitutional discourse, while accepting the verity of the fact that there are no mutually exclusive truths.


The Constitutional Discourse blog has been created and is edited by the Editorial Board in the above spirit. It is a free platform through which anyone can express their professional views on European constitutional issues in accordance with the editorial principles set out in our Submission Guidelines.